Frequently asked Questions

Biddinghouse wants to make your experience using our services as pleasurable as possible as the buying or selling a property should not be one of the most stressful things in your life!



Customer Questions
  • Why sell through an auction?  
  • How long does the auctions last for?  
  • How do you get paid if I sell my house for free?  
  • If the buyer has to pay a fee, will I get the full price for my property?  
  • If it is for free, how do you pay for promotions and advertizing?  
Pre Sale Questions
  • Can I control what my property sells for?  
  • Do I have to accept the highest bid for my property?  
  • Can I accept bids outside the auction process?  
  • How quickly do I have to move out?  
  • What types of property are sold at auction?  
  • Who buys at auction?  
  • What is the conversion rate (i.e what is the probability of selling?)  
  • Why do people sell at auction?  
  • How is the reserve price and the starting price determined?  
  • How is a viewing arranged?  
  • How do I proceed?